Three Ways To Keep Your Company's Dumpster Area Secure

When you run a business, your dumpster can attract some unwanted attention. People from the surrounding area may be tempted to throw away large items in your dumpster rental to avoid paying trash removal fees, and your dumpster can attract people looking to find scrap metal and other valuables. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to secure your company's dumpster area to keep unwanted trash out and to keep dumpster divers at bay. Here are a few tips you can use to secure your dumpsters.

Install Security Cameras

Your trash doesn't necessarily seem like a valuable commodity, but installing a security camera can still make sense for your business. Choose a camera system that is highly visible, and post signs indicating that the dumpster is under surveillance. Both the sign and the cameras can act as deterrents, and any footage the camera captures of unauthorized people dumping trash can be turned over to your local police department for investigation. If your dumpsters are situated in the company parking lot, the presence of the cameras can also help to make your employees feel a bit safer as they head to their vehicles.

Post A Warning

You can purchase signs that indicate unauthorized individuals attempting to access the dumpster will be prosecuted, or you can simply invest in signs that warn the dumpsters are for your company's use only. While signs won't stop everyone, they can help to dissuade some people who might be otherwise tempted to use your dumpsters. Ask your dumpster rental company if it has any of these signs available, or partner with a local sign company to have custom signs created.

Install A Locking Fence

Fencing off your dumpster area can make it more difficult for people to gain access, whether they want to dig through the trash or place their unwanted items inside. You'll want to use a heavy-duty padlock to keep the fence secure, and be sure to give your dumpster service a copy of the key so your trash can be emptied on schedule. Your dumpster rental company may also have dumpsters available with locking lids, which is a good option if you lease your office space and can't install a fence.

Keeping your dumpster secure means you can cut down on trash removal costs, as you won't have to pay to throw other people's unwanted items away. It can also help you to avoid liability issues should someone fall in or become injured in the dumpster area. Talk to your rental company about other options you can use to keep your dumpster area safe and secure. Visit a site like for more information.

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