Off-Grid Lifestyle And Tiny Homes: 3 Ideas To Produce Your Own Electricity

Tiny houses are a great way to live off the power grid and free yourself from conventional utility services. If you are planning on building a tiny home, then you will want to consider the type of electrical systems to invest in to meet your power needs. Here are a few ideas that will provide enough electricity for the power needs of your tiny house:

1. Fitting Your Tiny Roof with Small Solar Panel Array

Solar arrays are a great solution to add renewable energy to a tiny house. With the small roof space, you will be limited to the how many panels you can install. Choose panels that give you the maximum power production for the area they cover. In addition, adjustable rack mounts are a good investment if you will be moving your tiny house from own location to another. Contact a vendor of solar panel kits to find the best solution for solar arrays to mount on your home. Another good solution is to make windows the size of solar panels and use the panels as awnings that can be opened to collect sunlight during the day, and closed to give you privacy at night.

2. Additional, Portable Power with A Solar Generator

Since there is a limited amount of space for rooftop solar panels, you may need more options for additional electricity. A portable solar generator is a great investment and can come in handy when you need electricity anywhere. With a solar generator, you can have extra electricity to operate tools when you need them, extra outlets for your home, or to take power with you when you are away from home.

3. Solar Panel Arrays with Racks on The Ground for Additional Power When You Need It

You may want to have a more permanent energy solution for your home to meet your electrical needs. There are portable type arrays with racks that can be freely mounted on the ground to expand your solar power system. The racks can also be securely fixed to the ground if your home is in a permanent location and you do not plan on moving it anytime soon. Contact a vendor of solar kits for different options for small ground arrays.

These are some ideas that will help give you the off-grid power you need for your tiny house. Contact a solar generator service like Renogy for portable power that can be used for additional power for your tiny home.  

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