Home Sales, Mold Removal Services, And Your Options

Does your home have a musty odor or dark streaks on the walls, baseboards, or ceilings? These are all symptoms of a residential mold problem—and if you're selling your home, you need to deal with this issue ASAP. If you're ready to list your property, take a look at what you need to know about mold removal services, home sales, and your options. 

Can You Sell A Home With Mold?

You can sell a home in any condition. But you may need to disclose some types of damage, problems, or other issues that you are aware of. According to the National Association of Realtors, disclosure requirements vary by state (with the exception of the federal lead paint disclosure rule). This means you may, or may not, need to disclose mold that you've already found in your home.

If your state does not require you to disclose a mold problem, you may want to do so or consider residential mold abatement services before you list the property. Mold is a noticeable issue that most potential buyers will see or smell when they tour your home. While you could leave the mold as-is and disclose it, the unpleasant odor and noticeable dark streaks or spots could lose you a sale or result in a lower purchase price. 

Should You Remove the Mold Yourself?

Does a do-it-yourself mold removal job sound like an easy way to save money? Even though you won't have to pay a professional, you will need to buy cleaning products and potentially other equipment. Beyond the cost of the products, you will also lose time (and possibly the money you would make at work) when you clean the interior space.

Not only could a DIY mold removal job cost you money and time, but it's also unlikely that you will clear the entire area or fully abate the mold. Mold thrives in dark, damp spaces. This means it's possible for the fungus to grow under carpets or inside of walls. These areas are often hard for a homeowner to find on their own. 

Along with finding the source of the mold, you will also need to remove all of the spores. Failure to do so could result in a repeat problem within days or weeks. Instead of attempting to locate and abate the mold yourself, hire a professional. Professional-level mold abatement services provide the best and most comprehensive solution. If you do disclose the mold issue, you can also show potential buyers that a qualified contractor remediated the spores and removed the problem areas.

Contact a local mold removal service, such as Decon Enviromental, to learn more.   

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Does your home have a musty odor or dark streaks on the walls, baseboards, or ceilings? These are all symptoms of a residential mold problem—and if yo

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